wandering souls Another Western Vampire
"To some people it’s by chance, to others, by God, that certain people enter our lives. By whatever means, and for whatever purpose people may come into our lives, it is the stories they bring to tell, and the life they bring to share, that inevitably bind with ours, because we are one. We all have dreams; fears. We all get hurt, but not all of us heal. We are all the broken but breathing souls of what was, and what will become, and even just knowing that gives me hope for tomorrow. Because one day we’re fighting for polar causes, and a different, our joys, our sorrows unite to the same side. For whatever side we’re fighting, for whatever side we’re dying, we shall always be on the side of man. Because, forever, we are the ethereal truth: we are one. "



Robert Pasternak ~ “Wide Open Spaces”

Headspace, XIII (2014)Jack Hardwicke

Portrait of a Girl ~ Pablo Picasso